Why you need video

Why video?!

Video continues its rise as one of the most highly consumed forms of content on the web. This means it is an indispensable  ‘have to have’ addition to your digital marketing arsenal.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth 1.8million.

Dr. James Mc Quivey

10 seconds of video can communicate what would take 2 minutes to read, keep in mind that people have scrolled past you before they have finished or even started that 2 minute read.  I mean technically you probably won’t make it past this intro… which will prove my point… You need video!!


Let’s look at the nuts and bolts of why you need video.
  1. Look at me! (capture their attention)
  2. Stay with me!! (Hold their attention)
  3. Explain and retain (Help them remember)
  4. Trust! (can’t do business without it)
  5. Click click click! (Win the google search war and get more traffic)


1. Capturing people’s attention

22 million Australians are online , doing an average of 275k google searches dailyThis means your customers are online and you need to be able to cut through the noise your competitors are making to win their attention.

Video is proven to be the best way to do that.


2. Increase engagement

If you want people to stop scrolling and engage with you online, video content is key in being able to achieve that. They have the power to grab our attention in a way photos and text can’t. This is seen in the stats showing organic video posts have around 40% more comments and likes than organic images.

social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined

– forbes.

3. Explain and retain

Explainer videos are the golden goose of anyone’s content library, not only because they 

  • deliver your key information in an easily digestible format 
  • increase your website traffic
  • improve search engine optimization 

but explainer videos are proven to increase message retention, with 72% of customers preferring to learn about a product or service through video, Plus

viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

– forbes

4. Build trust

93% of consumers  have made buying decisions based on an online review…

This tells us that most people want to know if they can trust you before they engage with your service or buy your product.  Conversions and sales don’t exist without trust.  Video builds trust, it allows viewers to see and hear from the people behind the product or from the satisfied customers who champion your services.  This type of connection leads the way in achieving trust and confidence in the online space.


5. Increase traffic

Research shows that websites with video content are 53 times more likely to rank high in a Search engine results page…

because Search engines love video content. 

Video will help people find you online and increase traffic to your website to engage with your offerings.  If you are trying to increase traffic to your platforms and you haven’t created your videos yet…now is the time!

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