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Onsight Films is not your average video production company. We're a creative powerhouse in the heart of Sydney, Australia, telling stories that stick.

We partner with brands to help them build a buzz, through captivating visual content that resonates with audiences. Our video marketing content and web video production in Sydney educates, informs, inspires, and builds trust – building confidence in your brands. The result? More sales, now and in the future.

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Video production offerings to corporate entities are endless. Our most popular corporate videos are staff profiles, client testimonials, sponsorship videos, and corporate profiles.


We are experienced in working with government agencies. The most popular goverment videos are public service announcements, training and development and promoting new goverment services.


Videos produced for not for profit organisations are usually the most fulfilling especially when these organisations are delivering services to the community or working on behalf of an industry. The most popular not for profit videos include telling stories of the people and community organisations are helping.


Food, entertainment, leisure and everything in between. The most popular hospitality videos are venue promotions, recruitment videos and new attractions.

Product Videos

Following our 3 stage production flow, product videos usually have the most pre-production involved. Planning plays a huge role in delivering high-end product videos from concept development, shot lists, storyboarding, location sourcing and casting is key to a successful production.

The Process

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The pre-production phase is where all the planning takes place, allowing a smoother Production and Post Production experience. Once we meet and a brief is given by our clients, a follow-up script and storyboard is created to visually show what’s expected to be captured during the shoot. Pre-produciton also includes working out the shoot location and casting.

We put a lot of resources into our pre-production tasks as the difference between a successful production starts here.

Production begins once on location and ready to film. This process includes capturing all the scenes and information fleshed out in the pre-production process. During the production we be working with Camera equipment, lighting, audio equipment and other film gear. Crew ranges in size and for a very simple shoot, would have minimal personnel and for larger scale productions would increase the crew size.

The post production process begins after all the footage has been captured. Footage is edited to engage the viewer through use of video footage, images, music, colour correction, titles, animations and *special effect compositing (if required).

As expected, post production is usually the most lengthy phase of production but with careful and purposeful planning of shots in the Pre Production phase, this phase of production can be the most rewarding.